Perry Einfeldt

Born in 1961, Perry matriculated 1980 in Hamburg. This was followed by a two years’ obligatory Military Service in Hamburg and Aachen, which he left as Lieutenant in 1982.

After, Perry moved to Freiburg in the South of Germany where he studied law. He became a registered lawyer in Germany in 1991, and is still also working in this profession.

From 1992 Perry started as the General Manager of the South German Golf Federation (BWGV) in Stuttgart. In this position, he consulted many Golf Clubs of this Federation regarding their legal structures and future changes. Also Perry has been responsible for the consultancy of brand new Golf Clubs in this region. During his work for the BWGV, the number if member Clubs increased from 24 to 57.

During this employment, Perry also started the scheme to set up the Golf Management and Secretary training college in Baden–Württemberg, Germany, for the better education of professional Golf Managers. Also he started the organization of special trainings for Captains, Managers and Secretaries for their education in Golf Rules, Management and the professional organization of Golf tournaments.

In the same time, Perry also fulfilled the job as the General Manager of one of Germanys most fashionable private Golf Clubs, the Stuttgarter Golf Club Solitude e.V. with more than 1400 members – strictly private.

In the Years 1992 and 1993 Perry has been a member of the organizing committee for the „Mercedes German Masters“, held at the Stuttgarter Golf Club Solitude in Stuttgart, where he was representing the venue.

Since this time Perry was maintaining a very close co-operation with the European Tour and the International Management Group (IMG).

In 1994 Perry became the General Manager of Golfclub Schloss Nippenburg, also near Stuttgart. In this time, this Club has been the most luxury and expensive Golf venue in Germany. The owners of the Club have been the European Tour and IMG as the major shareholders, the Course was designed by famous German Golfer Bernhard Langer.

In the Years 1995, 1996 and 1997 Perry he has been as Director of Implementation the Head of Organisation for „German Open“ (former VOLVO German Open), and worked of course close together with the representatives of the European Tour and International Management Group (IMG).

In 1998 Perry did the same tasks for organizing the ”German Open” in Bad Saarow, Sporting Club Berlin.

From 1999 until 2008 he was as Managing Partner of the owners responsible for finishing off the construction works, supervision, pre-opening, opening and operation of Northern Germanys largest Golf and Holiday Resort “Land Fleesensee”. As General Manager and CEO he supported with his own company also on the side the Land Fleesensee Marketing & Service GmbH in creating packages and increasing the sales for the whole Resort. Perry has been awarded for his new and groundbreaking marketing activities.

At “Land Fleesensee” Perry has been responsible for operation of 4 Golf Courses (72 holes) inclusive of Greenkeeping, Pro Shop, Restaurant and Golf Academy (24 Professionals) as well as 17 Tennis Courts and Tennis Academy.

After the management contract with Land Fleesensee expired in summer 2008, Perry opened his first own Consultancy Company “Beluga Networks”, with which as the CEO he has been consulted several Golf venues in all over Germany.

From spring 2011, a new incredible project was already waiting for Perry. He started as the General Manager of Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort at the Black Sea cost of Bulgaria, where he was until 2014 responsible for overseeing and providing direction in all aspects of management of the facilities (which comprised of a residential area, hotel and golf course resort). The tasks included operations, customer service, sales and marketing, food and beverage, accounting and budgeting as well as human resources and maintenance of the whole Resort. Perry has also been extremely involved in guiding and assisting the board of directors of the development for the facility´s long – and short – range objectives, goals, policies and programs.

With his team of Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort, Perry won several high-ranked Marketing Awards (IGTM, CMT, Rheingolf & others) for best Marketing, best Social Marketing, best new Golf Resort in Europe, best undiscovered Golf Destination.

In 2013 Perry acted as one of the leading members of the organizing committee for the „VOLVO World Match Play Championships” in Thracian Cliffs – representing the venue. Again, he has been working close with the European Tour and IMG for this special event.

As General Manager of Thracian Cliffs, Perry also has been running all the pre-opening phase and was looking after all aspects of the pre-opening. This has been very special, as all had to be organised in a very limited time frame from 8 weeks before the official opening with the famous Course Designer, Mr. Gary Player.

From 2014 until today, Perry is the owner and CEO of PE CONSULTUNG LTD. This company was working for Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort at the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. This consultancy covers all aspects of the business – Service, Management, Marketing & Sales, Greenkeeping and Pro Shop as well as the operations of the Hotel part.

Since early 2016 until 2018 PE CONSULTING LTD was also holding the management contract for the Golf Club Operations at the Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort.

Together with the owners of Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort, PE CONSULTING LTD used its excellent contacts with Tour Operators in all Scandinavian Countries to develop the business in the shoulder seasons. This resulted in chartering two planes for taking the guests from Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen to Bulgaria, increasing the occupancy extremely in these time frames.

One more step in the partnership with Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort was using the close contacts from PE CONSULTING LTD to the European Tour. This resulted in Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort to be selected in 2016 to become a “European Tour Destination”.

Finally, with the assistance of PE CONSULTING LTD, Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort became the host venue for the European Tour Properties Senior Classic 2018 to promote Golf in Bulgaria.

From 2017 PE CONSULTING LTD was advising Primera Golf Management LLC, which became later Tbilisi Hills Golf Management LLC in Georgia.
From end of 2017 as Managing Director, Perry has firstly been responsible to finish off the construction of the Golf Course and the Academy Building/temporary Clubhouse.
Tbilisi Hills is the first 18-hole Championship Golf Course in Georgia; therefore, he was constantly in close contact with the government and the already existing Golf Federation as well.
He hired all staff needed for the operations of a Golf Resort – and all staff has been trained from scratch to be able to fulfil their positions.
In the next step he did start the International Marketing to bring Georgia on the Western European Golfer´s map and started the intensive local marketing set up golf as a sport in the Country. This involves family days, school golf, free introduction lessons for all public on weekends and many, many more.
Many cooperation’s with Airlines, Tour Operators and Domestic Management Companies (DMC) have been started and the business is going ahead to take off.
Tbilisi Hills became as the youngest course ever a member of European Tour Destinations.


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